Jamie Lee

Joseph Lee

Events Director

Dylan Guan

Events Director 

Steven Lee

Design Director/ Webmaster

Mariam Chaudhry 

Marketing Director 

Leila Farrow​



Kailynn MacGillivray


Lauren Durland 

Sponsorship Director/ Treasure 

Russel Gitalis

Logistics Director

Nadine Richards

SAAUT (Students' Alzheimer's Alliance at the University of Toronto) is a non-profit student organization based at University of Toronto's St. George campus. Our mission is to raise awareness/educate the public on Alzheimer’s disease through research conferences, walks, networking, BBQs/bake sale/coffee break fundraisers, and more. 


Whatever your reason may be to join SAAUT, whether it be for personal reasons, being interested in neuroscience/neurodegenerative disorders, or just wanting to make new friends in a big campus, we welcome you! Everything from games nights to research conferences to semi-formals, you're with good company.


Want to join our battle against Alzheimer's? Drop us a message on Facebook or email at, as we're actively looking to expand SAAUT. What will you get out of it? Event planning skills, getting to know field-leading researchers and profs, and the satisfaction knowing that your work has made a difference!




Kailynn MacGillivray | 4th Year Molecular Genetics and Microbiology



Russel Gitalis | Grad Student Year + Program



Steven Lee | Year + Major


Lauren Durland | Year + Program



Nadine Richards | Year + Major



Dylan Guan | Year + Major 



Mariam Chaudhry | 5th Year Neuroscience, Biology and Physiology


Mariam is a graphic designer and webmaster for SAAUT. She is currently in her fourth year double-majoring in neuroscience and biology, and minoring in human physiology. She enjoys communicating science via arts, media and graphics. 

Leila Farrow | 1st Year Undergraduate